Circuit starting from Fes : 3Days, 2Nights

Starting from Fes :03 Days ,02 Nights

1st day : Fes- Merzouga dunes

The pick up at 08 a:m in the direction of the middle Atlas mountain range which presents a variety of forests such as ,the area is covered in forests of cedar ,cork oak and maritime pine .

The city of Ifrane , which is  founded in 1929  during the French protectorate with European character. It harbors AL-Akhawayine university with American system . not far away from the city ,there is a skiing resort, called Mischliffen  , Ifrane is one of the most beautiful cities throughout morocco ,is located in the heart of these mountain ranges ,in terms of its distinctive architecture and natural beauty surrounded by cedar and  cork oak trees and a number of lakes that feed on the melting of snow .the area is a favorite destination for some locals during the winter season for skiing ,and during the summer as well  to spend times around the lakes within the forest.

The next is   , Azrou ( meaning “rock” in Berber) it is based at the fork of roads

Going from the north to the south   , the town is surrounded by a dense belt of cedar and cork oak , where some species of monkeys ,such as , Macaque is living beside the Barbary sheep .During our drive in this altitude ,you will see the semi-nomad living under the black tent ,so these people can move two times a year searching for their herds of goats and sheep .

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