The beauty of Morocco is not only in its land, but also in its people and history. Morocco is a land of dramatic contrasts, from the snow-capped mountains to the hot, sandy desert. These contrasts not only define the land, but they help to determine how and where Moroccans live. Our agency, Dromadaire Adventure, would love to help you discover the beauty that is Morocco, exploring exotic areas specializing in southern Morocco. You'll see massive gorges, lush valleys, and some of the most spectacular sand dunes on planet Earth. But you'll get more than just site seeing with Dromadaire Adventure. You'll get an opportunity to see how the people live and perhaps share smiles, food, mint tea, and even friendship with them. You'll discover that Morocco is the land of tolerance, where all faiths and religions coexist peacefully with each other. Morocco is rooted in Africa, watered by Islam and rustled by the winds of Europe. - King Hassan